Flexible Style

Seamlessly manage your entire apparel process – across multiple devices – from procurement to payment in our apparel business system.

Global Management

Synchronize your data across multiple locations to ensure your supply-chain runs with efficiency.

System Alignment

Align your suppliers and inventory to ensure your supplies are replenished based on demand.

Business Intelligence

Our BI assists you in all of your decision making with graphics-based up-to-the-minute data.

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ERP Software For Apparel Industry – The FDM4 Advantage

Our apparel-based ERP demo video shows the intuitive design of the business intelligence tools included in dashboards, and walks through the order entry process. Designed with apparel in mind, this ERP system provides end-to-end functionality and visibility across your entire business.

Find out how FDM4’s Software Solution Suite can help grow your business and request a live demo today.

Explore the End-to-End ERP Solution for Apparel

The Apparel industry has been challenged by the growth of a global market and E-Commerce like never before.

The solution? Evolve to meet the digital age by updating how you plan, enhancing supply-chain and distribution to meet customer demand, and improving the way your back-office relates to the shop floor.

With FDM4’s apparel ERP system, your company secures a solution that can streamline and synchronize your business process to secure growth.

Review FDM4’s Guide to ERP Selection

The apparel industry faces unique challenges, and selecting & implementing an ERP solution can be a difficult process. Standard solutions often to meet demands – even if they worked well for other industries. As a leader in the apparel, footwear & fashion industry, FDM4 has spent 20 + years optimizing our apparel enterprise resource planning software to meet your needs.

Login Anywhere. Any Time.

Meet FDM4’s Browser-Based ERP Solution.

Built with flexibility and mobility in mind, Customers experience improved functionality with our application-based solution. With the ability to logon from multiple devices, your staff will be able to access everything they need, anytime that they need it.


Improve Your Efficiency

Increase your overall efficiency with FDM4’s browser-based ERP.

Intuitive Dashboards.

The Data You Need at Your Fingertips

Real-time, at-a-glance data is now available through Dashboards. Never before has Business Intelligence been so accessible, or beautifully compiled. Make informed decisions about your business with FDM4’s Dashboards.






What’s Included in FDM4’s Apparel ERP Solution?


Find all the financial accounting modules you need in one ERP built for the Apparel Industry.

Eliminate the need for manual entries, increase your efficiency, and reduce errors with fully-integrated applications within your apparel enterprise resource planning. Broken into three major areas; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger; each application is built with ease of use and functionality in mind.

Intuitively designed to speed the flow of information, transactions are built to provide the real-time, at-a-glance information that you need to run your business. With a wide range of abilities – from the automatic generation of G/L postings from the various sub-ledgers to report summaries for parent companies being produced to include information on all the sub-companies – this apparel-based ERP has everything needed in an apparel business system.

FDMD ERP Accounts Payable Information


Streamline the procure to payment process with an integrated solution – from entry to billing.

Provide your staff with the reports and inquiries they need to make informed purchasing decisions with a fully-stocked ERP Apparel solution. Review customer demands and current inventory levels to forecast your company’s needs based on live updates.

Centralized vendor information provides your purchasers with important information related to vendor performance – everything from delivery time to quality of goods. Whether your vendors are domestic or overseas, FDM4’s ERP ensures that all costing is up-to-date, while our Vendor Portal improves your collaboration with your Vendors in real-time.

FDM4 ERP Purchasing Interface


Focused on improving your Order Management, to drive sales, and ultimately, profits.

The Apparel industry isn’t easy – but with FDM4’s Apparel-Based ERP software, you’ve found the solution to a streamlined Order Management. Our goal is to increase efficiency within the order-lifecycle.

Style-based entry-screens promote accuracy, translating to on-time delivery and improved client satisfaction. Reports and inquiries are built with the apparel industry in mind – intuitive operation yields the information needed to ensure orders are flowing in and out like tides. With seamless integration to major shipping companies such as UPS & Fed Ex you’ll reduce manual entries and get back to what’s really important – fulfilling orders.

FDM4 ERP Order Processing Accuracy


Managing your inventory is about orchestrating demands and supply data across a global supply chain.

Maintain accurate stock levels to ensure goods are consistently available at the right time, and in the right place. Reduce your minimum and “safety stock” to increase your working capital with real-time insight into your supply chain. Use FDM4’s built in enhanced supplier intelligence to minimize out-of-stock situations.

Invest in an apparel business system solution that provides you with an end-to-end view of your supply chain. With agility in mind, our apparel business system has been built to give you quick access to your supply levels and all of your suppliers to ensure that client demands can always be met. Providing your team with the data they need ensures that they are able to collaborate across the supply chain to make the most profitable call.

Cellphone With FDM4 ERP Inventory Dashboard


Connect your top-floor to your shop-floor with FDM4’s Apparel-Based manufacturing ERP software.

Integrate your supply chain management and production process with a core business software. With FDM4’s ERP solution you’ll see better assembly times, faster responses to change, improved performance, and happier customers.

Your ERP lays the foundation for your standard business process – you want to lower your operations costs while improving your inventory turns. Our solution allows you to manage work orders for raw material assembly, while providing a simple, easy to use interface for job creation. Establish job requirements as our software reports live stats on raw material consumption, time entry, and completion times – Find an apparel manufacturing management ERP software solution that works for you.

A Chart and Clipboard Showcasing Business Growth


From Art File to Order – a Fully Integrated Decoration Management Software.

Take your order entry one step further – and put control in the hands of your clients. From uploading the art files to adding the design to your product, your clients can control their order, from quantity to special instructions, everything they need exists within one easy to use module.

The best part is that the decoration management solution exists as a part of order entry, and is fully integrated into your ERP. You’ll be able to gain visibility into your clients’ orders with statuses that are updated in real-time. Ensure accurate pricing and cost by being able to assign multiple criteria to an order such as set-up costs, decoration runs, stitch counts, and more. Never again worry about manual inputs or miscommunications between clients and staff with FDM4’s decoration module.

ERP Tabs Decoration


Enhance your supply chain EDI from the EASI Group.

Meet the standard electronic data interchange (EDI) process of the Embellished Activewear Standards Initiative (EASI) with FDM4. Once you are compliant with EASI standards; your company is instantly connected to the largest growing network of apparel manufacturers and distributors. Our integrated EDI/EASI solution will help you reap the rewards of cost savings, reduced data entry time, and so much more.

FDM4 is a participating member of EASI, which means we are up-to-date on all the latest versions of documentation and regulation. You’ll be able to rest assured knowing that FDM4 is keeping your company linked in and connected to all other EASI vendors. Just one more way we’re helping those in the apparel, fashion, and footwear industries.

Checklist of EASI Process

Apparel ERP Software Customers