Here to help you - whenever you need it.

We Know Our Stuff

We built the software - top to bottom - which means our support team has direct access to the developers who create and update your applications.

Real Answers

We don't give you canned or scripted responses - when you have a question, we listen, and once we have the answer we ensure it is specific to you.


We understand that great service comes from building connections which is why we strive to know you, your business, and your unique needs.

100% Supported

Dedicated to providing world class support to all of our clients, FDM4 doesn't require you to purchase a support plan - we're always willing to take your call.

Looking for Something More Personal?

We get it. Your business is unique – and so are your needs. At FDM4 we want you to get the greatest value out of your software. This is why we provide a dedicated product specialists and 24/7 IT support to our clients.

Our product specialists serve as your personal FDM4 advocate. With a deep knowledge of our software solutions and the businesses we serve, product specialists don’t just manage your account – they work to connect with you, understand your issues, and offer well thought-out solutions.

FDM4 Customizes Your Software

What makes our support different?


FDM4 Product Specialists are dedicated to supporting our clients, understanding their businesses, and resolving any challenges they may face. Our team understands that you don't just need a software, you require a solution; and they are here to provide it for you.


Our support team's focus is on deliverables. In other words, they want to provide real, tangible results any time you call. Whether it is troubleshooting with you, or directing you to one of our IT professionals - we strive to ensure that your issue is fully resolved - every time.


Don't dread calling a support line where you're assigned a number in a cue - we're first name basis with our clients. We pride ourselves on creating the connections that ensure that there's no disconnect between the service you're promised, and the service you get.

Support Contact FDM4

One Call Gets You the Support You Need.

At FDM4, we sell, implement, and support the software and hardware for your entire business process. On premise or in the cloud, one call is all you need to get the service you want. 24/7 – no matter what – you’re supported.

Not a client or can’t find the right information? If for any reason you need to get in touch with us, feel free to fill in the form on our Contact Us page. We are always happy to answer questions, or direct your call.