Manage Assets

Track and manage your assets and their configurations through consolidation into a single, integrated view.

Streamlined Process

From raw materials to finished product transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

Optimize Space

Through slotting and kitting combinations determine the best places to store inventory from pick to ship.

Improve Workflow

Managing your workforce has never been easier with 2-way communication & integration with speech and gun tech.

Your Problem. Our WMS Solution.

Most companies would agree: technological growth is one of the biggest issues facing warehouse management to-date. So how does a company withstand the growing pains a digitized world brings?
They incorporate a firm that provides dedicated software-support. A firm that evolves with technology and assists in growing their clients’ business too. We have worked tirelessly to integrate the newest technologies and devices – from providing a web-based product that has the mobility you need, to working with dedicated partners like Zebra to build a software that works with all their recent device releases.
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A WMS Solution Ahead of the Curve

Don’t settle for a bloated WMS where finding even the most basic application  seems like a chore. Instead, never miss a beat with a software that empowers you and your employees while keeping everything simply streamlined.
With role-based work direction, and an application based design, FDM4’s Warehouse Management System builds confidence in your warehouse – the confidence you need to secure excellence, ensure consistency, and increase customer satisfaction.
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What Can You Expect from FDM4’s WMS?

An all-inclusive Warehouse Management Technology for you to build on.

With your industry’s best practices in mind, FDM4 has built a software solution that meets your needs – every step of the way. Our customers benefit from real- world improvements in all the metrics that matter to you. Don’t believe us? Following are the typical, real-world numbers from FDM4 WMS clients:


% Inventory Accuracy


% Inventory Visibility


% Increase Productivity


% Receiving Time Reduction

What’s Included in FDM4’s Warehouse Management Solution?


Support your sophisticated warehousing needs with a Warehouse Management System that adds value to your business.


How do we do it? For one thing, we offer a software that seamlessly integrates with our other solutions – including ERP. Our modules allow you to increase inventory accuracy to 99%, maximize on space, and streamline your counting cycles. Finally, we guarantee a cost competitive solution that provides you with the ability to customize your business rules – adapting to meet your needs.

What's Included in FDM4 WMS


Streamline your inbound inventory reception with a WMS that processes cross-docking, provides quality audits, and assess vendor performance.


Receiving and Put-away has never been so simple, whether it is processing new stock or a return, you’ll have fingertip access to manage your inbound inventory. Directing the steps after reception, FDM4’s Warehouse Management System is capable of processing ASNs, purchase orders, reporting, return processing, and lotting. Intuitive and easy to use, our WMS solution provides the ability to track and manage all inbound inventory.

FDM4 WMS Can Capture Inbound Inventory Data


Meet a solution that leverages an advanced fulfillment system providing you with ultimate control over Order Functionality.


With built in fulfillment-logic and wave management, your order functionality just got more efficient. Our Order Manager provides management with a 360 degree view of work available in the ERP system, and allows the release of work in waves – allowing one or more worker to pick the same wave simultaneously. Complete order functionality means that whether you utilize FDM4’s system logic, manual controls, or grouping by the host system, your order waves are picked to perfection.

Efficiency and Accuracy of FDM4 WMS


Constraint-based selection and real-time replenishment provides an accurate view of your inventory levels.


Get the most out of your inventory management applications with a software that allows for better tracking, with every piece controlled at the item level. From the moment of reception to when it is directed out the shipping dock, stock is tracked – providing management real-time, qualitative inventory statuses and quantities. All tasks are system generated, dynamically directing your personnel via RF so you’ll never miss a step.

Picture of Clipboard With Inventory Information


 FDM4’s WMS provides your company with load and route optimization to decrease both shipping costs and times.


From warehouse transfers to picking, packing, and shipping to a client, ensure nothing is left out with your outbound inventory. With optional integration with automation systems and business rule configuration at the customer level every order is guaranteed to meet client-specific requirements. Picking options include: paper-based, RF, and a combination of the two to provide the flexibility you need to ensure employee efficiency.

Outbound Data That FDM4 WMS Tracks

A WMS Partnered with Hardware Solutions

Welcome to the future. FDM4 has now aligned itself with the TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer – developing device specific software to work in sync with this cutting edge product. Productivity has never been so important which is why you need the most efficient, feature-loaded mobile computer possible. With a breakthrough design that is not only ergonomic, but is shown to add an extra hour of productivity per worker, per day. With this level of speed – your customers will be thanking you.

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Reporting & Output

Our pre-built reports provide a multidimensional analysis of your business data. Our WMS provides you with executive alerts and graphical analysis – allowing you to make decisions at a glance.

Billing Manager

Our activities matrix keeps track of everything – including storage rates – allowing you and your team to access a summary or detailed data that is exportable, printable, and always on hand.

Query Web Enabling

Gain inbound visibility and outbound trace-ability all while being able to access your inventory availability. With secured access you’ll be able to use queries to ensure your warehouse is flowing smoothly.

Work Center Management

Kitting, assembly, and disassembly are all covered as a value-adding service within our WMS. Ensuring the right person is assigned to the proper station, and moving resources when required can now all be done electronically.

Software Integration

ERP, DRP, MRP, CMs, CRM, and Web integrations are all available within FDM4’s WMS solution.

Hardware Integration

Integrate your conveyors, tilt tray sorters, scanners, and scales all within one solution. Track usage, and find areas of improvement with a solution that accounts for the equipment you use every day.