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At FDM4, we possess more than four decades of experience creating agile and intuitive business software solutions. That’s why we’re so excited for you to see our enterprise resource planning — or ERP — demo, as well as any of our other products, including WMS, E-commerce, CRM or PLM.

We know from experience what a business like yours needs in a fully integrated ERP solution. We’re confident our demo of ERP software and other productivity tools will give you a dynamic introduction to the next generation of software solutions designed to seamlessly support the growth of your business.

Why Get a Demo With FDM4?

Consumer goods businesses ranging from sportswear suppliers to machinery component manufacturers can benefit from implementing one of our pre-built or custom-designed software solutions. We’ve helped both apparel and non-apparel manufacturers and distributors with single operations or  with multi-company, multi-warehouse and multi-currency issues take advantage of our fully scalable software solutions to run their businesses with more confidence and efficiency.

You’re serious about maintaining an edge over your competitors. And because our team is as innovative and responsive as the software we design, we have over 4,000 current users worldwide who trust in us and our solutions to help grow their businesses.

Throughout every step of our products’ lifecycles — from design and development to implementation and support — we strive to be the most efficient and intelligent option on the market today. To find out for yourself, just take a few minutes and experience firsthand what our product demos are all about.

Our Products

Ready to see our world-class products in action? You can request a live demo of any of the following FDM4 software solutions:

  • FDM4 ERP: From the back office to the shop floor, our ERP solution provides you with enterprise-wide, real-time data to help you improve everything from employee workflows to speed of reporting. With reliability, functionality and flexibility built into our ERP system, you’ll be amazed at its ease-of-use and efficient results from the very first day of implementation.
  • FDM4 WMS: With our proven warehouse management system, or WMS, data on everything from how you access raw materials to where you store finished inventory is consolidated into one integrated view. When it’s time to expand, our WMS with dedicated software support will work tirelessly to bring your warehousing operations into the digital age.
  • FDM4 E-commerce: From engaging buyers and increasing user experience to facilitating orders and protecting customer data, our E-commerce solution will help you make the most of your digital storefront. Our E-commerce platform helps make every step in your clientele’s buying process smoother and more streamlined, from catching your customer’s eye on your website to the ease of using your online catalog.
  • FDM4 CRM: Our customer relationship management (CRM) solution allows your sales team to work more efficiently. It helps them better target leads and successfully convert those leads into loyal customers. Best of all, our CRM is fast and mobile, meaning it’s ready to support your sales team whenever and wherever they find sales opportunities.
  • FDM4 PLM: Every industry has trends that drive it, so companies have to get to market quickly with the right products to remain profitable. To help you in this process, our product lifecycle management (PLM) solution is a comprehensive and modern platform to help you to meet market demands. Our PLM helps make every step in the product lifecycle more creative, streamlined and cost-effective, from product design to distribution.

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When it’s time to improve the efficiency of everyone from your sales team to your warehouse staff, there’s a software solution from FDM4 to support your efforts. Ready to grow your business and streamline your operations? Request a live demo of any of our products. Or, for more information, contact us today.

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