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FDM4’s Software Solutions

  • ERP

    Work faster. Work smarter. Get the broad functionality and industry-specific capabilities you need.

  • WMS

    Streamlined from Order to Ship. Fully integrated, our WMS offers the functionality found with-in a stand alone solution.

  • CRM

    Build Long-Term Relationships. Gather insights about your client-base and build more focused sales campaigns with FDM4’s CRM.

  • ECOM

    Change How the World Sees You. Your site represents your company, and in the digital era that impacts your global presence.

  • PLM

    Find the Freedom to Design. Here to manage the product development process so you can focus on the big ideas.

  • Decoration

    Find the solution to all your decorating needs – with one, easy to use integratable solution.

What’s There To Know About the FDM4 Community?

The best way to know a company – take a look inside. Our corporate video takes you through the FDM4 International office, introducing our team and our values as a corporation.
We offer a solution that ties together software, hardware, development, and design to provide you with the answer to your business needs. Learn more about FDM4 and our dedication to growing your business.

Built for Your Industry

The most difficult part of choosing a software solution? Finding a solution that both meets your needs, and complies with the industry’s standards.

At FDM4 we’ve thought of that – which is why we have built our software to be multi-purposed and multi-functioning. To meet your needs – whether apparel, hard-goods, or consumer goods – no matter what those needs may be.


Nothing tells you more about a company than the clients. Which is why we invite you to explore the clients that have grown with FDM4.  

View our case study with alphabroder to learn how we solve our client’s problems. 

Offering both the software and the commitment needed to ensure your companies success – here are just a few other reasons you should choose FDM4:

  Dedicated to Your Growth.

  Award Winning Innovation.

Always Available to Our Clients.

The Latest News from FDM4

With over 30 years of experience, we know a thing or two about the industry. See what we know.

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