Flexible enough to meet the needs of your business.

Out of the Box

Get more out of your software than the average out-of-the-box solution has to offer.

Streamlined Process

Meeting the needs of your unique business processes to improve overall efficiency.

Custom Fit

Get a product that is not only tailored to industry standards, but also to your needs.


Our software is capable of adapting and growing with your business's needs.

Turning Your Software into a Solution.

Our software is built to work for you out-of-the-box. We’ve kept industry standards in mind as we have developed our product – the end result being a product that is not only economical, but also meets all of our client’s needs.

But what about your needs?

Sometimes out-of-the-box solutions need something more – which is precisely why we offer customization as a service. From tweaking a report to include a field – to building something completely new, our team is capable of ensuring your unique needs are met.

FDM4 Customizes Your Software
Step One of Your Customization Process is Consultation

Step 1: Consult

We meet with you to discuss your needs as a company. Your dedicated account manager listens to your vision, and expectations – taking notes, and working with you to determine realistic outcomes.

Step 2: Plan

Our customer support representatives go to work creating a contract, budgeting, and scheduling a timeline. Everything is then presented to our clients for refinement and confirmation.

FDM4 sits down with you to find the best route to a customized solution
FDM4 Develops and Tests your Customizations to fine tune your solutions

Step 3: Develop & Test

Once we know what your needs are, and have everything fine tuned – it’s off to the races. Your job will be assigned to our team of programmers to be developed. Once developed it will be tested for issues, and any bugs will be worked out of the system.

Step 4: Deliver

The final step is delivery – we release the customization to your system for operational use. Our representatives are available to you during this process to ensure a successful deployment. All that’s left to do after this step is to use your new customization as a part of your regular software.

Step 4 of FDM4's Customization is Delivery

Your Integration Experts.

While other solution providers may leave you wondering how everything connects, FDM4’s software solutions are built to integrate. Whether you use strictly our products, or have previously existing systems you need – we will ensure that your information is able to flow. Don’t get stuck with a software that offers no solutions, choose FDM4 the integration experts.

Centralized Sales Information in Your CRM
Implementation Contact FDM4

Whether you are interested in customizing your existing FDM4 software solution, or want to learn more about moving your system over to FDM4 – we’d love to hear from you.