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There’s a difference between “surviving” and “thriving”. Equipping your company to meet the demands of modern technology can make all the difference.Discover what the latest software advancements in FDM4’s ERP Solution can offer and scheduling a one-on-one demo today.


Intelligent by design – manage your business needs with built in business processes and work flow geared towards your industry.


Built to meet the needs of a company on the go – innovative technology, mobility, and the ability to respond to shifting demands.


Exceed expectations with an ERP solution that offers the flexibility and customizations you need to meet clients’ ever growing demands.


An application based model combined with readily available reference resources means that your employees have the tools they need to do their best work.


An ERP Solution for Apparel Industries
One of the most comprehensive solutions offered on the market for apparel-based businesses, FDM4’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is designed to optimize your supply chain from office to warehouse. This feature-rich system offers all the tools needed to manage all of your business functions in an easy to use application format. Completely web-based, our Enterprise Resource Planning software runs smoothly on almost any browser, improving your business work-flow.

Apparel Ready:

Developed to meet the rapidly-changing demands of the apparel industry.

Industry Compliant:

Designed to ensure communication across systems from ASNs to shipping labels.


EDI capabilities, inventory & purchasing applications, integrated accounting, advanced business analytics, & so much more.


ERP SOFTWARE Solution for Non-Apparel Industries Empowering businesses of all sizes, across a broad range of industries, around the world – FDM4’s ERP solution powers innovation and growth. This Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is built to break down barriers, addressing challenges faced in today’s global economy. FDM4’s solutions are designed for the unique operational needs of our clients, which is why we have moved to a web-based model – making your ERP software available anytime – anywhere.

Optimized business:

Focus on your priorities & monitor your business from shop floor to top floor.

Boost Efficiencies:

Real-time, actionable visibility into your operations.

Meets Demands:

Adapt easily to rapidly changing industry standards & client demands, while efficiently evolving your strategies.


Explore the End-to-End ERP Solution for Apparel

The Apparel industry has been challenged by the growth of a global market and E-Commerce like never before.


The solution? Evolve to meet the digital age by updating how you plan, enhancing supply-chain and distribution to meet customer demand, and improving the way your back-office relates to the shop floor.


With FDM4’s apparel ERP system, your company secures a solution that can streamline and synchronize your business process to secure growth.

Want to know more?

FDM4’s Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solution has helped our customers to work faster and smarter – facilitating growth. Contact us to learn more about what FDM4 can do for you.

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