Order Management

Enter and Adjust Orders on FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP Software

Order Management

The FDM4 ERP Order Entry and Invoicing module is a comprehensive system for quoting, entering, shipping, and invoicing customer orders. This module can be used alone or integrated with other FDM4 modules. During order entry, you can review stock balances, suggest substitute items, and offer various pricing options all in an interactive mode from one screen. The Order Entry module is fully integrated in real time with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control modules which gives Customer Representatives the ability to see up to the minute inventory availability including expected receipt dates and Advance Shipment Notices for Purchase Orders.

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Integrated quote-to-order-to-cash processes are available across your sales and finance departments, providing full visibility of the order cycle.

Customer Automation

Your system automatically produces invoices upon order fulfillment and transmits data from customer-facing forms using the delivery method of choice to the client throughout the order lifecycle.

PCI Compliant

Automated PCI compliant credit card processing using PayPal’s PayFlow Pro platform direct from the Order Entry and Invoicing procedures.

Integrated ECOM

Integrated E-Commerce application allows the customer to review and inquire on their order status with real-time information.

Improved Returns

Improve the returns process with full integration between the order management and returns processes.

Freight Calculations

Powerful freight calculation process which includes freight rates, days in transit, and available freight promotions.

Order Delivery Integration

Integration to electronic order delivery using different available methods including EDI, EASI Standards, APIs, Web Services, and E-Commerce.

EASI Standard

Integrated EASI Standard communication protocols to allow for seamless communication with mills to automate drop ship order placement.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible, rules-based pricing setup allows multiple price lists with multiple levels as well as time-based Sale, clear-out, and discount pricing options.

Audit Trail

Full audit trails available in all aspects of the order life cycle

Commissions Calculations

Comprehensive commissions calculations available for orders processed.

Returns Management

The FDM4 Claims Process is a comprehensive and powerful Returns Management procedure that will reduce the time spent processing returns, replacement orders and miscellaneous credits or charges that are related to previously Invoiced Orders. Detailed reports and integration to the Order Entry process will allow for tracking of Returns from entry through billing to improve Customer satisfaction. The Claims Modules is fully integrated to the Order Entry procedure allowing for easy Return Authorization generation using the Invoice matching procedure.

Purchasing & Forecast Management
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Return and Replacement

Ability to generate the return and the replacement order in the same transaction reducing the time spent managing customer returns

Miscellaneous Charges or Credits

The same procedure will allow for miscellaneous charges or credits to be generated from an order to manage issues related to invoice adjustments.

Auto apply credits

Auto apply credits procedure is available for reducing the outstanding balance on replacement orders or as of yet unpaid balances on the original Invoice.

PCI Compliant

PCI compliant credit card processing available for the returns procedure.

Improved Returns

UPS ARS or call tags available from within the returns generation procedure.

Restocking Fees

Restocking fees can be setup and charged using a dollar value or a percentage of the goods being returned.

Reason Code

A Reason Code entry required for each line of the transaction, allowing for returns or replacements with different reasons to be entered into a single transaction for a single Customer. An unlimited number of codes can be defined for use in the claims process.


Returns can be viewed by the Customer using an online application with the integrated E-Commerce application. Returns can also be generated for goods that are not linked to an original sales order where required.

Claims Commission

Claims will update commission calculations for the sales representative automatically in the commissions management procedure.

General Ledger

Separate General Ledger accounts can be setup to track sales returns.

Order Inquiry on FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP Software

Shipping & Payment

Seamless integration to UPS and FedEx for shipping reduces the amount of time spent on manual processes such as printing labels and sending manifest information thereby reducing the risk of shipping errors generally associated with manually exchanging data with separate services. Rates stored in FDM4 allow for real-time, accurate calculation of shipping charges based on the product ordered. Flexible payment options including real-time Credit Card processing through the PayPal Gateway, Net/COD Terms, and Factoring are available.

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Automated Invoices

Reduction in billing time and errors with automated generation of Invoices and credit memos as a result of completing an order or a return.

Customer Records

Centralized customer records shared across the business, including a comprehensive credit, through a fully integrated system provides a complete history retained for a Customer for the life of the account.

Customer Self Service

Allow customers to manage their own accounts though options available online with the integrated E-Commerce application.

General Ledger

Automated posting to General Ledger accounts upon generation of an invoice or credit memo.

Aging Methods

Flexible aging methods allow for the setup of the aging method to suit your company’s needs based on either due date or transaction date of the Invoice.

Related Documentation Linked

Drill down available from the invoice or credit memo to view the details for the related Invoice or credit memo.

Cash Receipts

PCI compliant cash receipts by credit card functionality for payment of outstanding Invoices on account and batch-style cash receipt processing for recording payments received.

Credit Terms and Processing

Automated credit card processing for payment using a PCI compliant credit card procedure, and flexible credit terms are available for use in invoicing (i.e. Net, COD, Credit Card, and Factor)


Multi-currency capabilities available to allow for transactions occurring around the world.

Overdue Receivables

Automated finance charge calculations for overdue receivables.

Payment Terms

Automated calculation of discounts based on payment terms.

Billing & Invoice Management

A fully integrated ERP system like FDM4 will reduce the need for rekeying data to generate Invoices for goods delivered to your Customer and streamlines the process by automating the generation of Invoices and Credit Memos that are a direct result of an Order or a Return. Less time spent on Invoice generation will allow your Credit Department to be more efficient, reduce the possibility of Invoicing errors, and increase Customer Satisfaction.

Customer Receivable Status on FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP Software

Additional Order Processing Features

Customer Self Serve on FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP Software

Customer Self Service

With the available E-Commerce application Customer have additional functionality available to them to manage their account including reviewing their Order Status, reviewing their account Statement, and even paying for outstanding Invoices using a Credit Card with the PCI Compliant PayPal integration.

Electronic Delivery on FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP Software

Electronic Delivery

Electronic Invoice delivery using a variety of different methods based on the Customer’s requirements eliminates the need for printing and mailing Invoices on a daily basis. An Invoice or Credit Memo can be automatically routed to the Customer via integrated Fax, e-mail, EDI, or EASI Standards once created with no additional human intervention.

Revenue Recognition on FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP Software

Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition is automated with the proper setup of General Ledger accounts associated to the Customer and the Products ordered to allow the process to generate the required General Ledger postings associated to the Invoice and the Cost of Goods Sold.