with multi-level bill of materials and job routing

Production Entry On FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP


FDM4 provides an integrated Manufacturing process that will allow the user to manage their Work Orders for goods that require assembly from Raw Materials as opposed to being purchased as a finished good.  A simple, easy to use interface is available for Job creation and tracking which provides the user the ability to consume Raw Materials, Enter Employee Time as well as receive the Finished Goods after production has been completed.

More Features

Manufacturing Tracking

Standard versus actual materials and labor tracked by manufacturing job.

Copy Function

Available copy function to copy bill of material and routing information across items.

Finished Goods Receipt

Available finished goods receipt functionality.

Rollup Procedures

Standard cost rollup procedures are available.

Work in Quantities

Visibility to work in process item quantities while the jobs are being completed.

Work Orders

Manufacturing jobs will generate a manufacturing work order form that can be printed to a printer on the shop floor.

Time Entry

Employee time entry processes for recording labor components by operation id for a job.

Comprehensive Functionality

Comprehensive inquiry and reporting functionality

Bill of Material

FDM4 provides a multi-level Bill of Material for establishing the Raw Material requirements of a Finished Product. Standard Operations and Labor Rates can be established and through the entry of Job Routing requirements the Standard amounts for Labor that can be calculated for each Job generated. The ability to define standard amounts for a specific product job will allow for an easy comparison of Actual vs. Standard Costs that are associated to a production job.

Style BOM On FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP
More Features

Outline Operations

Job routing details outline the operations that are to be included in a specific bill of materials.

Create and Maintain

Ability to create and maintain a bill of materials for a product.

Unlimited Number of Operations

Ability to setup an unlimited number of user-defined job operations that can be included in a routing for a bill of materials.

Material Adjustments

Adjustments to the materials required for a product can be made on the bill of materials or adjusted for a specific job.

Single & Multi-Level

Single and multi-level bill of materials supported.

Production Entry On FDM4 V15 Web-based ERP


Integration with the other modules of the ERP application means that pertinent information related to the manufacturing process are readily available and allows a user to make informed decisions quickly.

More Features

Purchasing Integration

Integration with the purchasing module will allow for planned buys to result in the generation of a manufacturing job for goods that are produced in house.

Setup Costing

Ability to setup a complete job costing profile that will include the following elements: raw materials, overhead, and labor.

Group Jobs

Ability to group manufacturing jobs into project numbers for inquiries and reporting purposes.

General Ledger

General ledger postings are automatically generated for transaction from the manufacturing module thereby eliminating the need to manually enter accounting data.