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For over 38 years FDM4 International Inc. has specialized in becoming a leading provider of robustindustry specific and integrated software for ERP, WMS, E-commerce (B2B/B2C), CRM, PLM and Mobile Applications. FDM4 ERP is a multi-company, and multi-warehouse,multi-currency software solution that integrates your entire organization – including forecasting & procurement, inventory, order processing, allocations, freight calculations, accounting, all while taking advantage of the benefits of apparel based software.

FDM4 offers scalable apparel software solutions and enterprise software packages that can be acquired either through a licensed model or as a hosted SaaS solution (subscription model).

We invite you to look through this site to see what leading apparel-industry software solutions can bring to your operations. Whether you implement one of our pre-built software solutions for Apparel Manufacturers and Distributors or we develop custom apparel software, we can help you  simplify operations, increase productivity and grow your revenue. We are confident the experience we have gained in providing apparel software solutions in the United States and Canada will provide you with the best software for apparel industry and the exact competitive advantage you need.

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Released on a monthly basis, the Insights Newsletter provides you with up-to-date information on everything FDM4.

Subscribers to our publication are the first to know about everything – events, focus groups, technical news, recent updates & releases, customer news, and the recently added employee spotlight, which highlights one of FDM4′s own each month. If it’s important to your business’s future, we’ll have it covered.

By focusing on software for apparel manufacturers and distributors in North America, our newsletter will help you determine what’s leading in your industry, trends you should be aware of and the latest thoughts on what your annual forecasts should consider. We’re technology experts and we believe that presenting thoughts from some of the best minds in our industry can help you optimize every investment.

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When you’re implementing apparel software, you need consultants who understand apparel business systems and technology. We understand this, because apparel is our business too and we have been providing end-to-end software solutions and implementation services since 1978.  We are proud to have a management team with an average of 15+ years with FDM4, who use their expertise to manage a talented team of software support, programmer analysts, R&D and hardware technicians. Our deep apparel industry experience reduces your risk, increases the speed of implementation, and improves results.

We are proud to have a management team with an average of 15+ years with FDM4, who use their expertise to manage a talented team of software support, programmer analysts, R&D and hardware technicians. Our deep apparel industry experience reduces your risk, increases the speed of implementation, and improves results.

That commitment to excellence extends beyond our apparel-industry software for Canada and United States businesses. We also offer consultations and facilitate discussions to discover where the industry is going and provide the software that can get you there quicker.

FDM4 wants to be your competitive advantage, and we think our custom apparel software solutions are the best path to achieve that unique offering.


If the old adage that “you’re only as good as the company you keep” is true then we’re great!!!

At FDM4 we are proud to be partnered with companies who have a passion for providing best-in-class technology in their respective industries and these partnerships help us to offer one of the leading apparel-industry software solutions for North America. Some of our partners are   IBM Sales and Support, Microsoft, Motorola, Zebra, Progress Open Edge, Magento, eBay, Amazon, PayPal, UPS, FedEx, DiCentral, BorderFree, AvaTax, Experian, ProShip.  If you have reviewed our website and feel you can add value to our software or services please feel free to email us at salesinfo@fdm4.com

What all these partnerships mean for you is that our apparel-industry software solutions have leveraged the best tools in the industry to ensure that our enterprise ERP and e-commerce solutions are ready to address your unique challenges so we will continue to be your preferred vendor.

Our partners and the engineering whizzes we have on staff are the real reason we’re able to deliver leading apparel software solutions for North America businesses, and we’re grateful every day to have both.


The goal of our custom apparel software solutions for businesses throughout North America is to improve the daily successes, quarterly improvements and annual returns of our customers. We do better business when we help you improve operational efficiency.

That’s the heart of our apparel-industry software solutions. We’ll help you get where you need to be, whether that’s new tools for a better e-commerce website and fulfillment solution, integrating warehouse management with suppliers or creating portals for customers to track orders. You’ll get a custom creation designed to help you grow.

The best way to expand operations, tackle new territory and boost margins is to do it, together.





At FDM4 we are focused on providing our customers with robust software and services and the talent we employ is the key to our continued success. When you join our team you will get the opportunity to work in a creative and dynamic environment.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package as well as the opportunity to be part of a creative and dynamic environment that allows you to exchanges ideas so we can continue to provide software solutions that makes our customers the best in their industry.

Creating compelling software for apparel manufacturers and distributors requires a broad set of skills, industry experience and a commitment to improving your talent through a strong team. If you have the drive  and want to gain have experience working with a leading apparel-industry software in Canada or the United States, we invite you to send your resume in today at Jobs1@fdm4.com