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Threadfast Apparel

Our Mission: To deliver elevated imprintable product at an exceptional value, exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Threadfast Apparel creates elevated, retail inspired, imprintable products, at an exceptional value. Using intel we develop by working with the world’s most demanding retailers, along with a passion for product innovation, we offer a collection of fashion basics for the imprinted sportswear industry.

25+ years in the apparel industry. Our parent company, C-Life Group, Ltd., is a leading licensed apparel company servicing the world’s most demanding retailers for almost 30 years. We are proud to partner with alphabroder as our exclusive distributor for the US & Canadian imprintable market.

Threadfast blanks have gained tremendous momentum in recent years with major retailers across the US.

Top labels constantly call on Threadfast as their go-to brand.





25+ Years




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