"For Businesses to Thrive, Applications Must Evolve."

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Progress provides the platform for some of the world’s leading application and software development. Dedicated to building the applications of the future, OpenEdge provides a flexible environment that allows for the development of software to evolve as technology advances. When you provide high-profile clients with mission-critical applications, you need a solution that provides you the arm room to expand to meet demand – and Progress is that solution.

Our Partnership

Featured in a recent case study, FDM4 is a Progress Premier Partner. Not only that, in 2016 we took home the Progress award for the most modernized applications after we took our software to the web. Our company participates in regular trainings; sending our programmers to key events that serve to expand our knowledge base, and grow our offerings. As a Progress Partner we are able to offer our clients something our competitors can’t – a software that grows with your business.

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