"Cyberquery is not just an ad-hoc reporting product - we are using it to drive the business."

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Providing you with access to the graphic analysis of all your system data – CyberScience is the engine behind the world leading Business Intelligence solution. Compatible with all the leading database developers, the goal of this provider is to break down barriers to data, while providing users with the strategic data they need for their daily operations. In short, this FDM4 partner seeks to make your data user friendly and accessible.

Our Partnership

FDM4 harnesses the power of Cyberquery Classic & Enterprise to bring you the stunning user experience featured within our dashboards. Taking the raw data found within our applications CyberScience produces user friendly reports and graphics that give you a real-time view into your current operations. Through our partnership, we are able to ensure our clients never feel bogged down by raw data – those increasing productivity, and over all ease of use.

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