Women’s Athleisure Taking Bold New Turn

Women’s Athleisure Taking Bold New Turn

Running along the boardwalk you’re bound to pass countless women sporting Alo, Lululemon, and Fabletics; alongside many other female-based athletic apparel brands. This isn’t likely to change much, as athliesure is one of the largest growing apparel retail sectors.

So what’s new?

Up and coming athleisure manufactures like GRACEDBYGRIT, for one.

Focusing on keeping women safe while on the move has become a top priority for several athletic brands. Boasting built in SPF sun protection, pockets built for phones, whistles, and materials built to enhance flexibility and movement; GRACEDBYGRIT is leading the charge by merging form and function to meet the needs of their ever growing client base.

Built for women, by women.

Started with empowerment in mind, Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan, founders of GRACEDBYGRIT, wanted to build an athletic brand that provided active women with athleisure apparel that looks good in motion – and protection from anything that may come their way.

This has struck a nerve with a key consumer base. Women want functionality in their athletic wear, without it looking chunky.

In an interview with GearJunkie, Caccavo stated;

“Since 2013, we’ve had over 40,000 loyal customers, sold over 50,000 pieces of apparel, and done $3 million in revenue. We’ve grown over 100 percent every year since our inception and just posted a 75-percent YOY increase in ecommerce.”

Other brands are taking note of the changing tides. More and more athletic apparel manufacturers are producing athletic clothing that feature larger pockets, sun protection, and even locking mechanisms to keep clothing in place while you move.

It’s all about adding in that little bit of functionality that will make working out easier and more efficient for women.

Real products, real women.

With Athleisure being one of the largest growing areas in the apparel market – female consumers are demanding “real models” showcasing real products in use. Through pulling pictures from their client base and employees companies, like GRACEDBYGRIT, have managed to connect with their market on a whole new level.

Investing in the trend of community-based marketing helps athletic retailers build a relationship with clients, while also helping create conversions. Seeing products in action, on real people adds to a brands trustworthiness. As we have seen in areas such as licensing, building up a brand consumers feel good about is everything.

What’s the Future Direction of Athletics and Athliesure Apparel

We are predicting that athliesure will start to take a more technological turn in 2018. We have already seen the rise of the fit bit and bellabeat in accessories. Therefore, smart athletic wear producers will begin to fill the niche to meet the growing needs of the athleisure revolution.