Stitching Together Automation for Decoration

Stitching Together Automation for Decoration

Trying to coordinate numerous tasks, across workflows, with multiple contributors can be less overwhelming when using software developed for the decoration industry. No matter what the process is – instilling software solutions that reduce redundancies, while increasing productivity will streamline processes – ensuring the best turn-around time for customers – from order to ship.

In the apparel industry, companies have been turning to automation to successfully reduce inefficiencies and production times.

The management of the different pieces of decoration has become labor and time intensive. Due to this, decorators have taken notice of the shift towards automation. The sheer amount of orders for decorated items is a massive factor contributing to the need for new technologies.

Decoration in no longer strictly for uniforms.

High-end designers and mass produced lines are now decorating.

From sourcing the blank item and entering prices, to recording individual decoration styles and various methods, these details get cumbersome.

Management software can help decorators keep up by reducing the complexity of the order, and ultimately satisfy customers quickly. Even if there are certain style changes within the order, decorators need a technologically advanced, automated workflow system to meet production schedules and market demands.

The FDM4 Decoration Module brings custom decorating to the next level.

Whether the decoration is handled in-house or by a third-party, the decoration module is designed to track and manage the work order procedures and streamline the process. Additionally, the Order Entry feature provides a single screen for a style-based order with the ability to outline decoration specifications for embellishment.

Once an order is finalized and placed, while still in the application, users are able to view and submit proofs for approval. Immediate changes can be made with version controls, and digitized files are stored within the app for a single point of reference. The ability to make changes easily, without shifting software applications, reduces task times while increasing ordering efficiency.

FDM4 tools include procedures for artwork as it travels FDM4 through different departments.

This process provides visibility into the products progress from start to finish. The tool that manages quantity charges enables users to access pricing and costs and submits repeat orders. Furthermore, the Work Status feature, automatically updates orders, specifications, approvals, and records to be viewed immediately for faster processing and production.