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We’ve gathered information from our own experience and from experts around the world to provide comprehensive information that matters if you’re in the market for an ERP solution.


We want this guide to serve as a resource that provides valuable insight into ERP systems designed specifically for the apparel industry. Topics covered within the guide include choosing the right ERP solution for your industry, customizing an ERP system and steps for a successful implementation.


Questions the guide will answer include the cost and time associated with an ERP upgrade and what will be needed from you for a successful implementation. It will also provide statistics relating to ERP projects and concrete information you need to make purchasing decisions.


If you’ve been considering an ERP system upgrade or if you want to know what all the ERP hype is about, this guide should be both helpful and informative. Regardless of where you are in the process, we’re here for you — this guide is just a first step in the right direction.


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