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Supply Chain EDI from the EASI Group

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Embellished Activewear Standards Initiative (EASI) is a volunteer group from the largest embellished activewear wholesalers, apparel manufacturers, distributors and apparel software providers who have collaborated on establishing industry standard electronic data interchange (EDI) processes. Since 2001 this group has simplified and standardized EDI documents for purchase orders, advanced shipment notices, invoices, inventory and order statuses, carton labels and product identification numbers, which has resulted in incredible business improvements for the group’s members and their customers.

As an FDM4 Customer, once you become compliant with the EASI standards you’re instantly plugged into a large, and growing, network of apparel manufacturers and distributors. You’ll also see significant cost savings by automating processes and reducing errors through FDM4’s integrated EDI/EASI solution. EASI standards can realize benefits in every department; Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Service, Distribution, Marketing, IT.


  • Data Entry Time and Cost
  • Reduction in Errors and Discrepancies
  • Reduction in Labor Costs
  • Reduction in IT programming/customization
  • Improved communication and access to critical information
EDI Software EASI Maitenance
EDI Software EASI Vendor Screen

As a participating member of the EASI standards FDM4 is up to date on all the latest versions of the following documents providing an integrated EDI solution for apparel:


  • Master Carton Label
  • Product Descriptor Data Base – 832
  • Advanced Shipping Notice – 856
  • Purchase Order – 850
  • Invoice – 810
  • Functional Acknowledgement – 997
  • Point of Sale File – 852
  • Order Status – 870
  • Special Event Promotional Pricing (Count) – 889
  • Inventory Status – 846
  • Direct Ship Purchase Order – 940
  • Return Authorization Request – 180