How Does Production ERP Module Work in the Clothing Industry?

How Does Production ERP Module Work in the Clothing Industry?

Many of today’s apparel companies are doing something technologically that they wouldn’t ever consider doing to one of their flagship products — they’re applying patches and temporary fixes to a glaring problem that isn’t going away. The problem isn’t so much with their desire to use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to help with accounting, purchasing and inventory control. Instead, the issue lies within the choice of an ERP system that’s not specifically designed for the challenges of the apparel and fashion industry.

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Technology and the Fashion Industry

If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone — the use of technology and automation applications in the clothing industry is rising. Look at everything from purchase orders and manufacturing practices to distribution and delivery methods, and you’ll clearly see an increase in technology at almost every step throughout the clothing manufacturing process.

Of course, simply because clothing manufacturers are applying technology doesn’t mean their solutions are the best fit or aptly designed to solve the actual problems they face on a daily basis. That’s why today’s discussion boards and tech reviews are overflowing with horror stories of failed ERP implementations due to software providers that aren’t familiar with their clients’ industry-specific requirements.


The result is that too often, clothing manufacturers “make do” with generic ERP solutions that end up costing them more in aggravation and complications than they solve in the first place.

What can you do to ensure the ERP solution you choose will work seamlessly with the production methods and challenges you face? The answer lies in working with an ERP provider like FDM4. We possess decades of experience as a leader in the apparel-focused ERP software space, which means our production ERP module is ready to integrate and work seamlessly across your business — instead of increasing headaches, delays and downtime.

Benefits of an ERP System Specifically for Apparel Companies

When you choose FDM4 and our industry-specific ERP solution, your business can count on all the support it needs to have a trouble-free integration and launch. In addition, because we work closely with clothing manufacturers, our ERP for the apparel industry is designed to meet your objectives and able to anticipate any issues you might encounter. Subsequently, it produces results in the areas that are most vital to supporting and sustaining growth for your business.

Here are some of the most pronounced benefits of using FDM4’s production module incorporated into our ERP system:

  • Cost cutting: Anticipating and responding quickly to changing demands can add up to substantial savings. With better planning, you can reduce your need for warehouse space and the related operational and administrative costs that go along with it.
  • Data/product management: Whether you realize it or not, the clothing industry has one of the most demanding product environments. With our apparel-centric software solution, you can address the needs of changing styles and trends using our product load module that automatically reduces the time and effort manual data entry processes used to take.
  • Customer service: Enjoy streamlined, accurate order management from one single database. As a result, your customers enjoy a better, more responsive experience when working with your company — from placing their orders to receiving their products.

FDM4 — Providing Best-in-Class ERP Software for the Apparel Industry

Whether it’s eliminating errors in your inventory management or reducing overhead and labor expenses, our ERP software solution was made with your business model in mind.

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