Prime Line Acquired by alphabroder

Prime Line Acquired by alphabroder

Breaking News: Prime Line Acquired by alphabroder


In news broken today by ASI’s Dave Vagoni, alphabroder has added a Top 40 firm, Prime Line, to its ever growing portfolio. Prime, which is already sporting the alphabroder logo under the tagline of “woven together”, is a provider of a wide range of hard-goods. A step believed to be an effort to establish a hard good’s division for the traditionally soft-goods based alphabroder; this move can only help bolster the company’s standing as the industry’s largest supplier (based on revenue).


So, how did the alphabroder acquisition of Prime Line play out?


alphabroder’s CEO Norm Hullinger said in a quote to Counselor, that they had been interested in Prime for a long time. Conversations between alphabroder and Prime began in Spring 2017, and while other companies were considered, Hullinger has stated that Prime was the perfect fit.

The CEO of Prime Line, Jeff Lederer, and alphabroder’s Hullinger entered into discussions about the future direction of their industry. In the end, both Lederer and Hullinger felt that the acquisition of Prime would benefit the companies and their client base.


What does the future hold?


As of now, Prime is reported to be maintaining their corporate identity, and will be a part of alphabroder’s newly established hard-goods division. In a move alphabroder believes will benefit both companies, and better facilitate the blending of both facilities and personnel, Lederer will stay on as the president of the division.

In a quote issued to PPAI Media, Hullinger says;

“The combination of these two great companies and cultures was born out of the input from our customers.” He continued; “We will honor this by continuing our sharp focus on their businesses. Bringing our organizations together will provide us with the flexibility and agility to focus 100 percent on our customers—to deliver best-in-class solutions to help their businesses succeed. This merger provides our customers with unmatched product choice, reach, delivery and availability. The quality and longevity of the Prime Line team and their corporate culture, firmly grounded in family values, brings a high level of predictability to the business, which is essential to delivering the ultimate customer experience, and these were the key drivers of this deal.”

The ultimate goal has always been to provide the best product choice and quality – and for Lederer, this is the best way to realize this vision.



The One-Stop Shop & a 10% Increase:


Partnering two brands that are well established, that understand the need for quality products, and have seasoned professionals can only lead to good things for both companies.

According to Lederer, Prime’s sales are projected to increase at least 10% year to year. Hullinger, on the other hand expects alphabroder’s sales to be up by just under double digits. ASI reports that Prime Line reported promotional sales of $116 million within North America, while alphabroder pulled in industry sales of $1.14 billion.


Who is alphabroder?


You’re likely already wearing one of the products they distribute.

One of the biggest apparel suppliers world-wide, alphabroder is currently the union of 6 companies and over 90 brands. Offering everything from basic t-shirts to decorated apparel, alphabroder is a major North American apparel distributor.


What About Prime Line?


Specializing in promotional product distribution, Prime Line is able to keep on trend, supplying their clients with the latest products. Established in 1980, Prime delivers an exclusive line of promo products that branch over 20 categories.

In a conversation between Hullinger and Lederer with PPB Newslink, Hullinger explained why Prime Line was chosen for this partnership.

“Prime is a perfect partner for alphabroder,” says Hullinger. “They’re the perfect hard-goods provider with a great assortment of products that is well-indexed to what’s growing in the marketplace. They’ve also got a management team that’s well regarded in the industry. Jeff and I have worked together on a variety of committees and groups, and have gotten to know each other well.”

With this in mind, it is clear to see why Prime Line was chosen by alphabroder moving forward.


Final thoughts:


This partnership will see significant benefits to both companies, while customers are assured that they will not see any massive changes to either corporation.

A client of FDM4, alphabroder currently utilizes our FDM4 ERP, FDM4 WMS, and FDM4 B2B E-Commerce solution in their daily process. As their software provider, and valued partner, we couldn’t be happier for alphabroder, and congratulate both companies on the successful acquisition, and their partnership to come.