Mark Wahlberg and Bella + Canvas Partnering Up

Mark Wahlberg and Bella + Canvas Partnering Up

Danny Harris of Bella + Canvas met up with Mark Wahlberg in a recent interview touring the action star through the factory floor. Wahlberg, best known for his roles in Tv’s Entourage and Movies such as The Perfect Storm, Ted, and the Transformers series, is branching out to apparel.

Wahlberg is no stranger to the business world. Having started up several franchises, such as the Wahlberg Burger chain, he consistently invests in brands and ideas built around the mantra of “building a better you.”

His partnership with Bella + Canvas is no different.

Mark Wahlberg’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Wahlberg is unlike many in Holywood. Instead of just seeking out his next big script, role, or production, he is also keeping a pulse on what’s up and coming in the business world.

Businesses Wahlberg has invested in include many dedicated to health and well being. What drives the star to invest in an idea seems to be a combination of wanting to be number one and wanting to inspire his customers to be their best self.

2017 – a year filled with partnerships and big moves.

In a partnership with Sean “Diddy” Combs, Wahlberg released Aquahydrate. The new brand appeals to those with an active lifestyle, with minerals and electrolytes adding a boost to the alkaline water.

Other big ventures of the year include the launch of a “clean supplement” called Performance Inspired¬†and a partnership with Meijer to bring the Wahlberg Burger restaurants to the chain.

Partnership with Bella + Canvas

Now Wahlberg is announcing he is teaming up with Bella + Canvas to produce a new line of performance wear. In his interview with Harris, Wahlberg cites multiple reasons for his choice ranging from the one stop shop experience to the ethical environment. One of the biggest draws however is the location of the facility.

Wahlberg chose the American manufacturer because it allows him the opportunity to walk through the production floor and get a feel for the company. The most important thing to the movie star turned businessman is partnering with an apparel producer that keeps an “American Strong” message. Wahlberg points out that the entertainment industry has moved away from producing in California. Many people moving to the state have big dreams but no work.

Motivation for the partnership came from Wahlberg’s desire to find a company that shared his vision. Bella + Canvas, based in Los Angeles, California, offers a product made with an ethics first approach. Employees work in a clean, open environment and are paid livable wages – bringing life back to the job market.

Bella + Canvas and the Launch of a New Line

Sustainability and pride in quality make Bella + Canvas apparel authentic and relatable – a key feature for Wahlberg who hinted at big things to come from this union. We can only speculate on what this partnership will bring to the apparel industry, but we look forward to big things from the Wahlberg franchise.