Improve Warehouse Satisfaction

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Improve Warehouse Satisfaction

Improve Warehouse Employee Satisfaction

Truck drivers, shipping and receiving clerks, stock clerks ,order fillers, and distribution managers; the warehousing industry provides hundreds of thousands of positions in the American job market. Warehouses are a critical component in the supply chain in many manufacturing sectors, including the apparel industry.

But here’s the problem:

Despite contributing heavily to the American job market and being vital to a host of industries, the warehouse industry overall isn’t engaging its employees as much as it could. Since 2000, Gallup has tracked the engagement levels of workers in the United States. Gallup considers engaged employees to be “involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace.”

A recent Gallup survey of American laborers showed that employees involved in certain aspects of the warehouse industry were less engaged with their work compared to employees at large. Gallup’s poll revealed that 31.4 percent of American workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014 while only 25.5 percent of transportation workers and 23 percent of manufacturing or production employees claimed to be engaged in the work they performed.

These numbers may seem disheartening.

They represent, however, an improvement in overall employee engagement and the engagement of people working in transportation, manufacturing, and production. In 2013, less than 30 percent of workers in the United States were engaged. In the same year, just 24.1 percent of transportation employees and only 22 percent of manufacturing and production workers reported engagement in their work.

The positive takeaway?

Managers in the warehouse industry have a great opportunity to further improve the engagement their own employees have with their work. Fortunately, tools have been developed over the years that can help motivate warehouse employees to become more engaged with the critical work they perform every day.

How Analytics can increase Employee Efficiency

Given the low-margin nature of the work that’s typically involved in a warehouse environment, raising the amount you pay your employees is not always an affordable way for you to increase their engagement. While you might think hiring seasonal workers may increase your team’s production during peak periods, temporary workers are often less productive than full-time, permanent employees.

Since increasing wages or adding people to your payroll aren’t necessarily practical ways to improve the engagement your employees have with their work, you have to consider other options.

Two options that are available to you include:

Investing in a Warehouse Management System, or WMS, and Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP. Both systems give you the chance to use performance metrics to identify areas where you can make changes that will increase engagement and efficiencies.

You can use the data provided by a WMS or ERP system to implement gamification into your warehouse; which can improve production. Since your system will provide figures that reveal how well each of your employees performed during their shift in real-time, you can create an atmosphere of friendly competition.

For instance;

  • Implement an incentive program that rewards the highest performing employees or shifts.
  • Post the number of correct orders your day shift pulled, and challenge the night shift to surpass that number every day for a set period, such as a fiscal quarter, for example.
  • Incentivize both teams by offering an award that’s meaningful to your employees to the winning, most productive team.
  • Run a monthly competition for individual employees based on the cumulative number of correct orders they pull.

Hosting these kinds of competitions gives your employees the chance to enjoy an increased value or an added benefit from their jobs in addition to their paychecks, greatly increasing the engagement they have with their work.

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