5 Ways to Engage Generation Z

and improve your e-commerce to increase visibility.

5 Ways to Engage Generation Z

When it comes to technology; you can bet every single person within this generation will be connected. Born into the age of devices Generation Z is having one of the largest impacts on household spending.

Before we delve deeper into how you can improve your e-commerce to engage Gen Z, it is important to know why the shift is needed.

Who is Generation Z?

They are the children born between 1996 and 2010, making them aged between 7 and 21. This is the connected generation – and they are taking control of the economy.

Whether you’re a well-established company, or a new brand starting out – you need to be aware of the power this generation wields over household decisions.

You may think this seems a little melodramatic.

But that isn’t the case.

According to a recent IBM Survey this generation has a massive pull on family spending.

When asked how the generation impacted family spending – the response was overwhelming with 8 categories including Apparel, Travel, Food, and Household goods all ending up with a rate over 50%. This result is enormous in both the level of persuasion and implications for businesses.

So, what’s the best way to reach Generation Z?

In the same survey, Gen Z said they seek out products that are high quality, always in stock, and offer a great value. To be fair -this isn’t all that surprising. Most people, no matter the generation, would tell you the same thing.

But there is a difference:

On top of wanting the high quality product for less, this generation is also seeking a social connection, cares about social responsibility, and wants a fun shopping experience.

This makes the use of social media and app-based or mobile ready e-commerce massively important.

Start drawing in Generation Z with our proven tips:

First of all; clean up your store front.

No, we don’t mean send your employee to straighten up your shop.

Your home page is the first thing visitors see. It needs to be visually engaging, clean, and easy to navigate.

Consider adding a header and some navigational buckets. Show off your products with professional grade images that capture the essence of your industry. Take the time to highlight non-product items like your blog – these items engage visitors and tell your brand story.

Need some inspiration?  

Click here to visit the Bella + Canvas Website

Bella + Canvas is simple, clean, and guides visitors through to highlighted product categories, while also featuring videos and blogs. They offer images that not only highlight their product selection, but also show off their brand’s style.

Don’t be afraid to search out competitors to see what they’re doing – sometimes a great idea just needs a little inspiration.

Add social share buttons to your product pages.

Gen Z wants to know their friends’ opinions or recommendations on anything they are about to buy. Being able to like, pin, tweet, link, message or otherwise share a product is of importance.

Adding a few social buttons to your product pages not only engages potential clients, but can serve as free marketing for you.

Gildan product page screenshot with color customization option

Most website builders allow you to add these buttons to your site through your setting features – but if you’re having trouble finding them, try emailing your website provider.

Note: some sites may require you to have them programmed in. This is a feature that is worth the time and effort for any Business to Customer brand.

Add an area for product reviews.

Whether it is a comment box, a star rating, or a full on review – this new generation cares about what other people think.

Reading the comments and googling reviews has become common place when seeking out a new buy.

Letting potential clients see how other customers who have used your product or services feel about it makes a statement. It says “I believe in the quality my business provides.”

If you’re looking for a creative way to demonstrate your customer feedback, Alo Yoga can be your inspiration. Having added an Instagram feed at the bottom of their products – clients can see yoga goods in action, and more than that, get a feel for how the product looks and reacts on a real person.

Alo Yoga Engages Gen Z Using Instagram

Get involved and show it off!

We can’t stress this enough – brands are built and brands crumble based solely on their social involvement.

This may sound a bit silly, but take a look at IBM:

A leader in their industry, IBM’s site appears to focus more on what their technology does for the world, and less on the products they’re selling – but that’s not entirely true.

Articles focusing on IBM’s cognitive computer, Watson, training seeing eye dogs and assisting doctors in finding cures not only gives readers that feel-good content – it also showcases one of their most up and coming pieces of technology.

IBM Engages Gen Z Using Engaging Blogging

Most companies are involved in their community – whether it is funding a little league team, or hosting a charity event – social involvement can only help your business in the court of public opinion. Make sure that; as the company takes action, you’re taking credit for that involvement by posting, blogging, and otherwise sharing it with the world.

Remember: a Picture is worth 1000 words! Nothing sells better than an image your audience can relate to.

Finally, consider user experience.

Remember – this generation is looking primarily at entertainment. They use their devices to connect with others, play games, and be otherwise engaged in the content they see. Most of Generation Z said that while they hold a massive sway over household spending – few of them actually used their devices to shop and browse.

This means that they’re not being influenced by what they see in your shop, but with the content you present to them.

The biggest thing you can do is ensure that your site is mobile ready. Most current web developers have this built in. An easy way to tell if it is time for an upgrade is to load your site onto a cellphone. If the content is tiny or unclick able, or if images appear skewed – it is time to upgrade.

Refreshing your sites look every few years isn’t a bad idea. It keeps content fresh, and allows you to remove things that aren’t working for you.

Looking for something more

Our 5 tips should get you off to a good start on improving your e-commerce for Generation Z. That being said, sometimes you need a little more direction.

Feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message through our contact us page.