FDM4 Thinks with Progress

FDM4 Thinks with Progress

After being in business for over 35 years, we can happily say that we’ve made some life-long partners along the way.

One of the steadfast partnerships we’ve held initiatives with for 20 years is Progress – a company leading application development and fostering digital transformation.

In keeping up with evolving technology and the online customer experience our clients are coming to find is in demand; one primary mission has been to move all of our software solutions to browser-based versions. Modernization of our software solutions has always been a key focus, and at FDM4 it is something we tend to do very well.

Yet while this has been a necessary goal, the initial take-off with the idea presented challenges.

First, our customers would need to upgrade to OpenEdge 11.6 . This upgrade allows them to take advantage of new features, and to stay compliant with new security requirements. Performance and data integration are also critical considerations, as is optimizing user experience.

But, the process didn’t end there.

The next step was to use Kendo UI® by Progress on the front-end. This allowed us to move through application development effectively and efficiently. Our team was then able to impressively complete a prototype in less than two days.

Hear about what FDM4 has to say regarding Progress on growth, building better software, and the future of our solutions. You can also download the full case study as a PDF here.