When you’re implementing apparel software, you need consultants who understand apparel business systems and technology. We understand this, because apparel is our business too and we have been providing end-to-end software solutions and ERP implementation services since 1978. As your “Total Solution Provider” we will be responsible for providing the FDM4 Application Software, Database Products, Operational Review & Analysis, Project Plan, Modifications, Hardware Sales & Support, Integration, Testing, Training, and Ongoing Support. Our deep apparel industry experience reduces your risk, increases the speed of implementation, and improves results.


As a company we recognize that most businesses have their own unique business processes that differentiate them from other companies even though they may be in the same industry. With a full service consulting and programming department, we have the ability to provide our clients with customized business solutions to meet your specific apparel, footwear, and fashion business needs. In some cases this means acting as your sole MIS department or simply acting as an extension of your current MIS department while using Roundtable a source code versioning tool.




Converting the data from your old software into a new ERP system shouldn’t be a nightmare. Our ERP implementation comes with tools to get this job done, and whether you need a standard or customizable conversion layout, we can convert your data in all areas of our software for a seamless changeover. We complete at least two “dry runs” with sample data and once we are satisfied with the accuracy of the conversion procedure, the live data is converted and tested in the new FDM4 software destination.


If you don’t have technical expertise in house –no problem, we can provide hardware and IT support for all server installations, as well as network connectivity support. Our technicians have a combined IT industry knowledge of over fifty years in hardware, operating system, networking, web security, database backup, and disaster recovery. As an IBM Reseller we can determine the right IBM server for your needs including virtualization with shared CPU, memory pools in a WPAR (Workload Partition) to increase scalability, reliability and decrease downtime.

Hardware and IT Support



It’s your choice. IT Support is provided on premises or in the cloud, and includes cloud computing, infrastructure hosting, and software as a service (SaaS). Your cloud software is secure with FDM4, with the provisioning, monitoring, and 24×7 management of all hardware and network system, as well as redundant power feeds, including gas generator back up, and direct access to high-capacity connectivity to the major Internet providers. If you’d rather run the software on your own servers, our IT Support experts can assist with that as well.

We “get” Apparel. 

Our Enterprise Software and Apparel Services are geared to your needs. We are the leading ERP Software provider in the activewear apparel industry, serving seven of the top ten distributors.

One call gets you the support you need.

At FDM4, we sell, implement and support the software and hardware for your entire business process. On premises or in the cloud, one call is all you need to get all the service you want.

Need a modification? No problem. 

As the author and developer of the software suite, we can easily modify our base software. No one knows our apparel software better than we do.

Integration Experts. 

We can help you integrate your entire software systems. Are you looking for integration from the FDM4 website to a third-party ERP? From FDM4’s ERP to a third-party website? From FDM4’s ERP to a third-party WMS? From FDM4’s WMS to a third-party ERP? Our integration experts are familiar with API, EASI, EDI, or web services interface formats. We can do it all.

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