The FDM4 B2C E-Commerce application is a fully integrated platform that will allow you extend your reach to the end consumer through the generation of a retail-based website for direct product purchase.  With a full integration to the FDM4 ERP application there is a single point of entry for all website data without requiring the user to re-enter data to be used on the web.  Full integration also allows for a streamlined order process with no additional upload or download for orders placed by consumers.


Templated website pages allow you to control the look and feel of your site while maintaining all of the business data elements within each page to allow for a powerful consumer based web presence.  Social Media links will extend your product awareness and act as a marketing tool to draw consumers to the site.  Make your website accessible to the latest social media marketing platforms – allowing users to blog and share your products and services with others. Our E-commerce software enables you to add social sharing buttons, such as Twitter and Facebook.




Special pricing and offers will allow you to maintain specials that will continue to draw customers back to order additional product and assist in building consumer loyalty.  Flexible shopper transaction tracking helps you to see which elements of your website design are driving sales were customers are abandoned shopping carts. Now through pixel tracking you can track where the web order originated and the path the user took to finish or abandon an order. Providing a positive Customer experience will continue to drive Sales Revenue as more and more consumers are turning to online purchasing.




  • Full control regarding the look and feel of your website with the use of Templating, putting control of your site in your own hands with reduced need for FDM4 involvement
  • Templating allows users to easily add and remove content while controlling the location of data elements on each page
  • Flexible configuration of site navigation options available
  • Ability to setup multiple retail B2C Sites by product brand running off of the same company where required
  • Each page has Marketing Copy areas available that can be easily updated through tables in the FDM4 back-office with no HTML Coding required
  • Web-based Web Control Maintenance procedure available for maintaining the content and controls of the website
  • Extensive product search capabilities available
  • Ability to categorize product into Sale and Clearance pages where required
  • Product images available throughout the site with the ability to add HiRes Zoom images on the product page
  • Product images can be stored down to the Style and Color level showing individual images by Color where available
  • Product Relationships can be built by product to display Comparables and/or Companions on the Product Page
  • Automated generation of “Other People Purchased” and “May We Suggest” styles based on the Style Feature Data and Sales History
  • Product that is out of stock is made unavailable for selection to prevent orders being placed for goods out of stock
  • Ability to turn on the Stock Level indicator using the site options that will allow the consumer to view Stock Levels
  • Product Review functionality available on the product page with a back-office product review maintenance procedure
  • E-mail this Product functionality available on the Product Page
  • Wish list generation and e-mailing functionality available
  • Social Media links available including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • “Gift with Purchase” and “Buy One Get One” promotions available
  • Real-time Freight and Tax calculations based on information from the integrated FDM4 ERP application
  • Ability to sell Gift Certificates from the B2C Site as well as redeem them as a form of payment
  • Ability to checkout as a Guest, or with a new or previously generated Account
  • Customers can update the following information on their B2C Account using the online My Account functionality:  Changing Passwords, Adding/Removing Ship-To Addresses, and Credit Card Information
  • Ability for Customers to track the status of their orders online as well as initiate a Customer Return for previously shipped goods where required
  • Integration with PayPal for Credit Card processing as well as the use of Paypal Express payment options
  • MailChimp integration available for managing mailing lists by site
  • Customized e-mail based promotion codes available to reward Customers and generate continued loyalty