The more hoops customers have to jump through to place an order, the more likely they’ll leave your page and seek out a competitor’s. FDM4’s apparel Ecommerce software offers complete catalog and shopping cart capabilities, and includes such functions as real-time display of order updates; and accurate freight calculation for apparel products.  Our Ecommerce solution will calculate the true freight at the time of order placement, so you don’t have to charge your clients a flat rate. With our B2B Apparel Ecommerce, customer pricing mirrors the ERP pricing so any pricing structure that you develop for your client in the Apparel ERP is mirrored on your E-commerce website. Learn more about B2B Ecommerce Software


In today’s online community there is an endless supply of stores fighting for your client’s business.  SEO helps potential clients find your website when searching for products online and with our Apparel Ecommerce we make it easy with easy creation of Metadata and short URL’s. Global branding through social networks, make your website accessible to the latest social media marketing platforms. And through our integration with Bongo our apparel E-commerce software opens the world to your company with International Shipping.  Now, you don’t have to deal with the hassles of international customs and shipping rules. Learn more about B2C Ecommerce Software

Flexible shopper transaction tracking.  Which elements of your ecommerce website are driving sales?  Our Ecommerce System enables you to analyse both abandoned shopping carts and successful sales through pixel tracking. Now you can track where the web order originated and the path the user took to finish or abandon an order. Update your own content easily. Our Ecommerce solution utilizes technology that allows non-technical users to add new categories, products, descriptions, and change prices. HTML is automatically created to display the new information on your ecommerce website. One solution for Ecommerce, ERP, WMS, and CRM. We provide out of the box integration between the Ecommerce Software and our Apparel ERP and WMS software. No duplicate entry or interface is required. Manage multiple brand websites through a single Ecommerce platform.  The Ecommerce database will allow for different ecommerce websites for different product lines and brands – all under one company in a single database and ecommerce platform.

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