Are you looking for a top CRM software designed to fit your apparel business?  FDM4’s fashion CRM software can take your sales force to the next level. Access client data in real time, including:

Sales information

Whether it’s by mill/brand, style, color, or size, real time customer sales information is at your fingertips. Quick and easy customer updates.  Customer comments and contacts are created once in a single database that is shared by our ERP and CRM software, so all your current sales data is easy to find.  Working with an existing client?  With our salesforce software you’ll have access to real time sales history without having to upload or download client information. Payment information.  Accounts receivable and credit status is accessible in real-time. Order line detail and status updates.  FDM4’s salesforce software accesses all order line details by customer, including shipment tracking information.



FDM4′s Fashion CRM functionality includes:

Contact Management Software

Activity lists – CRM users can see their activity list by the current day, current week, days past due, and a custom date range. Do you want to store quotes, price contracts, sales sheets you send to prospects and customer. With FDM4, CRM users can attach documents in any form to a customer activity – either via email or via direct assignment. Never miss an appointment again with our Microsoft Outlook integration for email and appointments which allows the user to initiated an appointment from either the Microsoft Outlook or  the CRM.

Mobile CRM

Our Mobile CRM is designed with the look and feel of an iPhone app, and is compatible with smart phones. Place orders via Mobile CRM - Quickly and easily create orders via a style-based matrix on your mobile phone using our salesforce software. All Mobile CRM orders are simultaneously created in the ERP, and can be automatically dropped to the warehouse by either the salesman or the customer.

Manage your sales team

Manage your sales team’s activity with a mass event – Now you can create a sales activity for accounts that meet criteria you define, scheduling your sales team to call on customers automatically.  Oversee all CRM activity- Supervisors can view all activities assigned to each CRM user, and monitor user performance and reassign activities for those who are absent from work.  Prospect list import – Our contact management software can load prospect lists via a standard Excel layout.

Ensure data integrity

Ensure data integrity with adjustable security settings via your ERP back office. You control the file settings that determine security access levels. FDM4’s CRM can also restrict update functions, helping ensure your data integrity. Avoid duplicate entries – Our contact management software conducts a phone number, city, state, and zip match before creating customer files in the ERP, reducing the risk of duplicate entries. User definable custom data fields – FDM4’s CRM software allows for custom fields and labels that can be added to a customer master file.

Expertise Apparel

Why are we one of the top CRM software in our niche because we’ve been in the apparel industry for eighteen years, and our fashion CRM software is geared to the needs of your sales force. We are the leading ERP provider in the activewear industry, serving seven of the top ten distributors.

An integrated CRM

One solution for CRM, ERP, WMS, and Ecommerce – With most contact management software, you need to build and maintain an interface between your ERP and CRM, which can be expensive. Now, you can have ERP and CRM integrated out of the box – no duplicate entries or interface required.  Our single system streamlines your operations, making you more efficient and providing a higher level of customer service.