FDM4 at MAGIC, Las Vegas

FDM4 Captivates at MAGIC, Las Vegas

12 Sep 2016, Posted by FDM4 in BLOG Posts



When you hear “Magic” and “Las Vegas” in the same sentence, you may be inclined to picture a Vegas style show with all the glitz and glamour– but for those in the Apparel and Fashion business MAGIC is a community event that stands as a pillar of the industry. With over 60,000 participants from over 120 countries, the Magic show in Las Vegas is hands down the leading convergence of apparel professionals in the world. Allowing for not only the connection of those within the same industry, MAGIC also serves as somewhat of a marketplace. This year’s show reported “direct visitor spending of $71.9 million dollars with a total economic impact of $121 million after indirect business sales” according to reviewjournal.com’s Richard Velotta.

Set up in the Collective, one of 10 different areas of the event, FDM4 was a presence once again at MAGIC this year. From the perspective of the FDM4 team, MAGIC is a wonderful event which allows us to share social time with our customers, and meet new players in the market.

On the opening day of MAGIC, FDM4 hosted a social event at Kumi Bar & Grill to offer a time for individuals in attendance to network, as well as provide a much needed break amidst a busy day. The FDM4 team was thrilled by the success, both of the booth and our social evening, and we look forward to planning next year’s event.


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