FDM4 on the Hunt for 20 Programmers

13 Mar 2017, Posted by FDM4 in NEWS Posts
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FDM4 International was recently featured in local news articles sourced from the North Bay Nugget for its on-going search for programmers.

“I want them now. I need them yesterday,” John Cutsey, Owner and CEO of software company FDM4 in North Bay, said Thursday. Business is booming, and with the influx of new clients, and expanding needs of current clients the company needs to hire 20 new employees to cover the demand.

Cutsey has specified that, while the company does own an American location, the new positions will all be created within North Bay. “It’s easier to get programmers here than in Las Vegas,” Cutsey said. “The workforce here is more conscientious, more dedicated.” Besides, “the office there is maxed out.”

The aggressive hiring strategy is expected to increase FDM4’s North Bay workforce by 25 per cent.

The positions are all in software research and development.

FDM stands for Financial Distribution Management, while the numeral 4 represents the four software modules, including enterprise resource planning, warehouse management systems, e-commerce and customer relationship management software.

He gives all the credit for the company’s growth to the employees.

“That’s 100 per cent of the reason. The people.

“We can’t move away from here. We can’t move my people. We have close to 80 people here and they are so entrenched in their community and so dedicated, I cannot do without them.

“It’s a great thing to have such quality people.”

The need is for programmers with the right aptitude and the right attitude.

“Those are the biggest, most important things,” he said. “Those are the two main factors we are looking for in the people we hire.”

To apply to this job, please see the Job Posting.