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Century Place Apparel: Leaders in Innovation, 2016

15 Jun 2016, Posted by FDM4 in NEWS Posts

Century_Place_LogoHow to land a page in Apparel Magazine’s annual release of “Top Innovators?” Prove that you exemplify innovative edge in the corporate world through technological and business machinations, and you’re likely to wind up in their applause. In its 2016 publication of “Innovators,” Apparel Magazine focused on highlighting companies that employ technology to increase performance for their customers and ultimately render more efficient business performance.

Among those recognized is Century Place Apparel – a valued FDM4 customer that teamed up with us in 2014 to seek out more successful practices. When Century Place came on board with FDM4, their intention was to streamline Century Place and their alliance to Bermuda Sands so that the two worked in tandem, funneling function through a fully integrated ERP apparel software solution and B2B Ecommerce website. Now, they even align a third brand – Paragon – into their vertical manufacturing, meaning that all of their performance wear rests in their control from start to finish.

In its attempts to “revamp its B2B e-commerce site to be more user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging,” the company sought out client feedback and evaluated their competitors’ tactics – and then had sights to go even further. After clients placed high demand on being able to access information, pricing, and the ability to order around the clock, Century Place delivered just that: 24/7 access with customer- specific pricing.

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In recognizing Century Place’s accomplishments, Apparel Magazine said:

Century Place Apparel also upped the ante on its color rendering by offering individual images of all styles and colors, a move that allows customers to pick and use the exact color they are looking for in presentations. Once their product and color is chosen, another intuitive feature enables users to create a virtual sample. With FDM4 apparel decoration software, users can create a custom design, from logos and embroidery to designs positioned across the front of shirts and uniforms. Users can select a product and then add text and graphics, including personal images to customize the design. The software displays a virtual sample, and emails the client for approval. “Once the design is approved, the order moves through the FDM4 system,” said Tim Stiene, the company’s vice president of sales.

Looking to the future, we anticipate Century Place Apparel will remain a leader in innovation as it continues to strive for modifications and enhancements that will deliver unsurpassed customer experience.

To read the full article in Apparel Magazine, click here: http://apparel.edgl.com/reports/2016-TOP-INNOVATORS105416