New eCommerce Solution - Can I afford it?

Can I afford a new eCommerce Solution?

02 Dec 2014, Posted by FDM4 in BLOG Posts

Creating efficiencies and increasing sales in the Apparel Industry

The Apparel World is Turning E-Commerce Overnightcan_i_afford_a_new_ecommerce_solution

Appearances can be deceiving, but not when it comes to seeing the positive impact B2B and B2C e-commerce is having on the apparel industry. It’s crystal clear that apparel and e-commerce fit together like a three-piece suit. According to Business of Fashion, apparel is the fastest growing e-commerce category in the US, at an estimated $41 billion. Apparel only falls behind consumer electronics in overall consumer consumption.

Organizations that have already adapted e-commerce have seen tremendous gains in a short period of time. For example, Carter’s—a children’s apparel manufacturer—saw its e-commerce sales skyrocket by 50% in Q3 of 2013. Part of the reason e-commerce drove so many sales? Customers had more shopping options. E-commerce extended browsing capability – from laptops, to tablets, to smart phones.

Options are what customers crave. As the in-store shopping experience will never go away (nor should it), online shopping expands the playing field to additional customer touch points. Instead of being confined to finalize your transactions in a store or through your web browser, new e-commerce capabilities merge the sides through different channels. The modern shopping experience involves starting, pausing, and continuing your purchases at your leisure.

With the variance of changes that have flooded the apparel industry, having a robust e-commerce solution that can streamline these processes—from sales to supply chain, delivery, and maintenance thereafter—has never been more critical.

For the apparel industry, having integrated e-commerce functionality from a single software platform offers:

  • Real-time inventory by warehouse
  • Automation of the creation, categorization, and organization of new products
  • Orders automatically load into the back office for efficient order fulfillment
  • Real-time displays of order statuses and direct link to carrier tracking numbers

As the e-commerce market keeps growing, global retail e-commerce sales for small and mid-sized businesses are expected to rise about 20%—the competition has become even stiffer between vendors targeting the mid-market sector.

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